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Selasa, 25 Mei 2010


Now it seems to me
That you know just what to say
Words are only words
Can you show me som
ething else?
Can you swear to me that you'll always be this way?
Show me how you feel
More than ever baby

I don't wanna be lonely no more
I don't wanna have to pay for this
I don't want to know the lover at my door
Is just another heartache on my list

I don't wanna be angry no more
You know I could never stand for this
So when you tell me that you love me know for sure
I don't want to be lonely anymore

Now its hard for me with my heart still on the mend
Open up to me, like you do your girlfriends
And you sing to me and it's harmony
Girl (-BOY), what you do to me is everything
Make me say anything; just to get you back again
Why can we just try

What if I was good to you, what if you were good to me
What if I could hold you till I feel you move inside of me
What if it was paradise, what if we were symphonies
What if I gave all my life to find some way to stand beside you

back to Chorus:
I don't wanna be lonely anymore [x3]


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